Career opportunities galore in the world of 3D animation

Career opportunities galore in the world of 3D animation

Career opportunities galore in the world of 3D animation

The movie was a huge success and its fine use of 3D animation boggled the minds of viewers and even professional animators of those days. It was followed by Jurassic Park in which 3D animation was used to create lifelike dinosaurs. This movie was also a resounding success. With the other hit movies like A Bug’s Life, Finding Nemo, Ratatouille to the latest revolutionary ‘Avatar’, 3D animation has advanced by great leaps and made a presence for itself in the world of movies.

Presently, the stage is all set for 3D animation and the industry is ready to embrace anyone who has the talent to put up an interesting show. With the adaption of 3D animation by a variety of industries such as film, advertising, video, web designing, and gaming, it has gone beyond the boundaries of the film production.

Those blessed with a creative mind and a knack for new technology can grasp 3D animation skills quickly and easily. Skills required for becoming the most sought after 3D animator can be clubbed under two broad categories, mainly technical skills and soft skills. Drawing skills, design & layout, observation of live-characters, animation techniques & training on relevant softwares, understanding cartoons & caricatures, creating different moods and feelings in characters are skills that can be acquired through a formal training animation program from an institute of repute like Arena Animation, while some of the skills can be imbibed from careful observation.

In order to be successful as an animator, one should possess personal qualities & soft skills like - Artistic and imaginative bent of mind, focus & discipline to achieve perfection in work, motivation to create the best, versatile and adaptable to change, meet strict deadlines & meticulous observation skills.   

According to the FICCI-KPMG report, currently the estimated size of the Indian animation industry is around Rs 1,740 crore and is expected to reach Rs. 3,900 crore by 2013 with a CAGR of 17.8 per cent.  Indian animators are in a huge demand for their skill and the quality of work they offer and are increasingly being roped in by major Hollywood as well as Bollywood productions. But in order to compete internationally, the Indian animation sector needs to ensure proper training, encouragement and a right creative aptitude.
Seeing the quality of animated movies produced from India, many international studios such as Pixion, Rhythm & Hues have set up shop in India. Along with them, many Indian companies are also foraying in to the production of 3D animated movies. Companies like Rayudu Vision Media Limited based in Hyderabad, are into production of original 3D animation content and also out source projects. They are now on a lookout for talented 3D animators for their next 3D animated venture.

One of the premiere courses available today for students is an Advance Diploma in 3D animation EDGE (AD3D EDGE) at Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics (MAAC). It is a 27 month, comprehensive 3D animation program with focus on complete process of film making which includes Pre-production, Production & Post Production stage. It has been specially designed to enhance the skill set of the students and offers four elective specialisation options in modeling & texturing, lighting & shading, animation, and visual effects. It also provides training in various softwares such as Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk Maya, Autodesk Mudbox, Eyeon Fusion, Apple Final Cut Pro, and Autodesk Matchmover.

After finishing the in-house training in some leading animation production studio, one can begin as a junior animator moving forward to become the director of animation in short span. Analysts at two of the big four global consulting firms say that the animation industry is expected to generate employment opportunities for more than 3.5 lakh individuals by 2011. It is not just the rosy employment opportunities; even the salaries offered to students with animation diplomas and degrees are attractive. One can start with earning between Rs.12000 to Rs.14000 and can even earn more than Rs.50000 to Rs.60000 per month. So in just a few years one can draw a salary of up to six figures.

Once you have acquired the technical skills, you can pursue a career in diverse fields where 3D animation is being used extensively such as film production, education, corporate, health care, and governmental operations, including office training films, trade shows, and flight training videos etc. The various job roles that a 3D animator can pursue are modeling artists, lighting artist, render artist, character animator, layout artist , digital sculptor, rigging artist, FX artist, roto artist, match mover, video editor, motion graphics artist, compositors, visualisers, content developers and pre and post production executives in blue chip animation studios and entertainment companies.

(The writer is VP, MAMC)