Picasso's granddaughter sues author

According to The Sunday Times, Marina Picasso has taken author Pepita Dupont to court for claiming that her brother Pablito once tried to burgle his grandfather’s home under the influence of drugs.

The case is the fourth by Picasso relatives against Dupont and the latest episode in decades of feuds and legal wrangling over the painter’s legacy.

Dupont’s book ‘The Truth About Jacqueline and Pablo Picasso’ challenges the “wicked stepmother” image that clung to Jacqueline, the painters last wife, since she prevented Picasso’s children and grandchildren from attending his funeral in 1973.

Pablito drank a bottle of bleach the next day and had an agonising death. Marina, whose own book about Picasso portrayed the artist as a monster, has blamed Jacqueline for the death.

But, Dupont said: “It’s very sad he killed himself, but Pablito’s depression was not just because he could not see his grandfather. She was simply following Picasso instructions when she ordered them not to come to the funeral.”

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