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Open Sesame writer's garden

From Rural to Urban - with Love
I have come a long way from Orissa. I have been working in Bangalore. My father is a farmer my mother is a house wife. I have two brothers and two sisters.
I have studied in a local school in my village. Three peoples have made the trip with me. My best friends and me. I made the journey to Bangalore by train. A week before the journey, we had reservations with tickets (confirmed because Orissa to Bangalore is a twenty-six hundred k.m.).
I was sitting on my seat and with my heart full at hope. About my future. At that time a sixtyfive years old man and sixty years old woman came and said “Excuse me please help us” I asked the old lady “What happened?” She told me, She had also booked a ticket, but her ticket was not confirmed. Actually Orissa to Bangalore is a long distance. So she requested us to give her a seat. Than I said yes Madam it’s not a problem. Sir and you can share one seat and my friend and I will share one seat. We are all going with our hearts full of hope to Bangalore.
Today I have a good job and God has also helped me to study English and some arts and spend my time usefully. Bangalore is a wonderful place.

Sanjib Kumar, Whitefield, Bangalore.

On school going child

My parents 've paid
a heavy donation,
Admitted me  in a reputed institution.
I carry a large school bag on my back,
Like a coolie carries a sack.
How harsh my class teacher is!
I will be scared when she sees.
Everyday 1 get up early,
And do the home work daily.
She beats the children with wand,
Some times she slaps in her hand.
I go daily to school with tear,
How could 'mom' understand my fear?
I feel joy when teacher takes leave,
Children too give a big heave.
Never absent myself a day,
I always aspire for holiday,
School become a night-mare,
Feeling of mine who will share?
It is a curse on the Indian child,
Why have educators failed?

JUU English High School
SP Road. Bangalore.

Let it drizzle let it rain
Use your umbrella
Umbrellas are different but work is the same. So take your umbrella and give it a name

White , Black , Red or Blue
Umbrellas are as sweet as you
Umbrellas don't let us become wet
They become wet and keep us fit
While choosing an umbrella  use your brain
Because they reflect your name
Use your umbrella even in summer
Enjoy the use with great pleasure

IV Std. St.Joseph's Convent Belgaum.


My Best Friend
I was walking on a damp lane when i met my very first friend
who indisputably believed me and encourged me
 She cheered me up
when I was down
she was unselfish and kind
who was a true friend
 the one I could depend on
my very best friend
Sanjana Mugalvalli
lV Standard
S.K.C.H, CBSE, Bangalore

 "Who am I ?"
I do not know my birth and age,
I must ask "Agasthiya" sage.
He inscribed on the leaves with nail,
Later, my history began from quill.
Though I've tongue I can not speak,
Mine, lifeless glittering beak.
My birth 'd become a mystery,
Scholars, still tracing my history.
I have no definite shape and size,
Yet, ages through I live with the wise.
So far no one kept me away,
For their living I show them the way.
Every one keeps me safe in the pocket,
So I command a lot of respect.
Wise men hold me a sharp tool
In the unused hands I remain a fool.
I run along the feelings of the poet,
Often I become his diet.
Never kept me down when he gets the  mood,
Flow on the pages like a river in the wood.
I signed several war and peace pacts
Govt, assent passed Bill and Acts.
Rousseau, Voltair made as their weapon
France liberated, the fact was open.
I ended the long rule of hypocracy,
Installed countries with 'Democracy'
Though I look like a tiny wand.
At work gracefully holds me in hand.
I proved mightier than swords,
My strength is described beyond words.
I, more powerful than  a sophisticated gun,
Whole world christened me as "PEN"

JUU English High School

 The tree

I am a strong Tamarind tree,
People, let me grow free.
I yield sweet fruits every year,
Children pluck them without fear
After a trek, when the travelers made
Take shelter beneath my shade.
My leaves are very small,
But I am useful to all.
My branches are very strong,
Monkeys play antics all along,
Villagers hold their weekly fair,
Fill the rubbish around without care. Of my branch farmers make plough, And till the soil slow.
For hamlets I become strong roofs
They dream in, with many hopes.

JUU English High School,
SP Road. Bangalore.

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