Sticking to fashion

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Sticking to fashion

Showing off: Stickers on bikes are a common sight.

Most youngsters treat their bikes and cars like their best buddy. Their vehicle happens to be their favourite non living thing on earth and they will do anything and everything to make it look the best. They take full care of it and treat it like royalty. Some paste stickers on their vehicles to identify themselves with something they believe in while others do it just for fun or because it’s a fashion statement.

Stickers with some quotes, whacky slogans and arresting pictures are common among the youth today. Though the trend has been existing for quite sometime now, it has evolved over the years according to the interests of the person. Narendra says, “I love sticking something humourous and attention-seeking on my bike. It speaks a lot about me, my character and love towards certain things. It also reveals my witty side and I find it fashionable to have something like that on my bike.” He reveals, “I also stick some stickers of the associations I belong to. They show my identity and liking for them. They show my support to that organisation as well.”

While some feel that the stickers speak about them, there are others who also try to benefit out of them. Shahab says, “I stick Mc Donald stickers on my cars and bike. This helps me when I go to any Mc Donald outlet. When I show them these stickers, they give me discount on the food I buy. So I go ahead and stick any sticker which will benefit me in some way or the other.” Some of them stick stickers on their bikes and cars to make them look colourful and happening, while others don’t believe in sticking anything.

Rishi Mundhra says, “I feel cars and bikes are just there for transport purpose. We should not mess with their structures by sticking external things on them and make them look horrible. They should be simple looking. They do not look good when we do all these things. Instead, I prefer giving them a classy look by modifying them according to my concerns and needs.”

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