Clothing the right way

Clothing the right way

Garment Fair

Clothing the right way

It was a day to encounter fashion in all its might. With the best in the business present at the same place, one couldn’t possibly return disappointed. The South India Garment fair, a two-day fashion festival, was inaugurated in the City recently with lot of enthusiasm from everyone.

A big day for buyers and sellers in South India, it provided an opportunity for them to see the products of over 139 brands, all under the same roof.

 And the occasion saw dealers, customers and many others from all over the City coming in to see something that would suit their taste and budget. With a collection which covered everything from wedding apparel to casual clothes, the fair gave its visitors enough to browse through.

 Each of the two floors of the venue had about 60 apparel manufacturers with some of their best designs, ready to face the people.And each room was filled up with a variety of clothes with lengths and lengths of cloth running out in every direction.

These included jeans for men and women, wedding apparel which included sherwanis, lehenga and heavily embroidered sarees, tee-shirts, pullovers, trousers, silk shirts, formal shirts, casuals among many others.

The event was full of buzz with each brand presenting its own collection of clothes and was the largest showcase of the latest creation of men, women and children wear.
All in all, the fair proved to be a treat for everyone who was interested in clothes.