Music therapy for chimpanzees

Music therapy for chimpanzees

Neuro Surgeon of Apollo Hospital Dr Anil Sangli, who has been successful in treating patients with music therapy, will administer the therapy on three male and two female chimpanzees in the Zoo. Asia’s only Gorilla, Polo, 36, is also in the same zoo.

Dr Sangli for the past many years has been treating patients through music, particularly instrumental music. Even patients in coma have responded well after being treated with this therapy. He has also experimented this therapy on cattle.

“This idea of giving music therapy to chimpanzees came to my mind when I observed Mesan, 19 and Vali, 55, sometimes turning blue and violent at the visitors in the zoo. When I discussed this idea of providing therapy with Zoo director Vijayarangan, he responded positively. The chimpanzees are under observation now. We are yet to decide the decibel range,” Dr Sangli said.

“The chimpanzees seemed to enjoy mobile ringtones. I was surprised to see another chimpanzee Guru ,18, which was earlier in a circus, dancing to the tunes of a ring tone!,” he added.

Dr Sangli is being assisted by music experts Sripada and Amrutha, and Narasimhan in animal behaviour. Even zoo keeper C Shankar has observed the same excitement among the chimpanzees when they heard a mobile ringtone.

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