Malavika sets national mark to sign off in style

Maharashtra champions, Karnataka finish third
Last Updated 15 July 2010, 17:32 IST

Malavika, the girls’ Group III swimmer, was competing her last year at the Sub-Junior level and from next year the 12-year-old will be graduating to the Juniors.
The BAC swimmer made her final event memorable, breaking the national mark for the second time in the championship, after she had broken the 50M freestyle on the second day of the meet.

Aakanksha Vora of Maharashtra took an early lead, leaving Malavika to do the catch-up job. The Bangalore girl, who led the morning heats with a time of 1:05.06, upped the tempo after the turn to cruise home in one minute 03.70 seconds to pocket the gold.

The Delhi Public School (South) seventh standard student erased her State-mate Pratima Kollali’s three-year-old mark of 1:04.99. Aakanksha timed 1:05.47 to bag the silver.
Maharashtra retained the overall championship with 342 points and Tamil Nadu (269) claimed the second spot. Karnataka (219) remained static at the third place they managed last year in Goa.

Maharashtra also made a clean sweep of all the four team championship titles. The Senthil Kumar Memorial Trophy for the best swimmer of the championship was grabbed by Maharashtra’s Sherlyn Meghna Devadason, who created four national records here.

Results: Boys: Group III: 100M freestyle: Viraj Prabhu (Mah) 1:02.15; NR. Old record (1:02.60, Aaron D’Souza, Karnataka, 2004) 1; Md Yaqoob Saleem (Kar) 1:04.66, 2; P Mukundhan (TN) 1:05.23, 3.

50M backstroke: P Mukundhan (TN) 34.35, 1; Keerthan Balasubramanian (TN) 34.55, 2; Jason Smith (Mah) 34.83, 3.

4x50M medley relay: Maharashtra (Jason Smith, Viraj Prabhu, Vishwesh Dudham, Ishaan Mehra) 2:12.86; NR. Old record (2:13.31, Bengal, 2009) 1; Tamil Nadu (P Mukundhan, Sumer Malhotra, N Sri niram, Keerthan B) 2:14.62, 2; Bengal (Kunal Basak, Deepm Shaw, Avilash C, Rishav Nath) 2:14.69, 3.

Group IV: 100M freestyle: Ritish Mavle (Mah) 1:10.28, 1; Siddharth Gada (Mah) 1:11.02, 2; S Siva (Kar) 1:11.39, 3.

50M breaststroke: S Danush (TN) 41.38, 1; Roshan Uday (Kar ) 42.59, 2; Albin Alex (Mah) 43.83, 3.

Girls: Group III: 100M freestyle: Malavika V (Kar) 1:03.70; NR. Old record (1:04.99, Pratima Kollali, Karnataka, 2007) 1; Aakanksha Vora (Mah) 1:05.47, 2; Trisha Bhimani (Mah) 1:06.41, 3.

50M backstroke: Sherlyn Meghna Devadason (TN) 34.17; NR. Old record (34.49, Surabhi Tipre, Maharashtra, 2003) 1; Damini K Gowda (Kar) 34.63, 2; Ashwathy Nair (Mah) 34.65, 3.
4x50M medley relay: Maharashtra (Ashwathy Nair, Monique Gandhi, Trisha Bhimani, Aakanksha Vora) 2:19.39; NR. Old record (2:21.76, Tamil Nadu, 2008) 1; Karnataka (Damini K Gowda, Deeksha Ramesh, Vishaka Bhat K, Malavika V) 2:22.64, 2; Tamil Nadu (Nivya Raja, A V Jayaveena, Sherlyn Meghana Devadason, M Yuvashree) 2:22.96, 3.

Group IV: 100M freestyle: P M Abishiktha (TN) 1:13.91, 1; Deepali Bhalla (Guj) 1:14.94, 2; Vanshika Shah (Mah) 1:15.58, 3.

50M breaststroke: Aarya Rajguru (Mah) 43.54, 1; Manasi Herekar (Kar) 44.35, 2; Shagufta Khanam (Raj) 44.98, 3.
Overall championship: Maharashtra (342 points), 1; Tamil Nadu (269) 2; Karnataka (219) 3.
Team championship: Boys: Group III: Maharashtra (81 pts). Group IV: Maharashtra (72).
Girls: Group III: Maharashtra (106). Group IV: Maharashtra (83).

Individual championship:  Boys: Group III: Viraj Prabhu (Mah, 26 points). Group IV: Ritish Malve (Mah, 27).

Girls: Group III: Sherlyn Meghana Devadason (TN, 28). Group IV: P M Abhishikta (TN, 26).
Best swimmer of the championship (Senthil Memorial Trophy): Boys: Viraj Prabhu (Mah, 26 & 2 national records).

Girls: Sherlyn Meghna Devadason (TN, 28 & 4 national records).

Diving (1M spring board):

Boys: Group I:  Puskar Meitei (SSCB) 345.20 points, 1; Y Hemjit Meitei (SSCB) 341.00, 2; Samir Noronha (Goa) 271.40, 3.

Group II: Malemnganba Meitei (SSCB) 292.20, 1; Himanshu Soni (SSCB) 273.40, 2; Manan V Vasant (Mah) 223.45, 3.

Girls: Group I: Nammi Divya Theja (Kar) 205.40, 1; Tanuka Dhara (WB) 191.05, 2; Nikita V Pawar (Kar) 166.85, 3.

Group II: Swati Vidap (Mah) 194.95, 1; Rachana R Gawde (Mah) 139.25, 2; Susmita Sen (WB) 130.05, 3.

Team championship:

Boys: Group I: SSCB (26). Group II: SSCB (36). Group Iii: Maharashtra (24).
Girls: Group I: Karnataka (25). Group II: Maharashtra (35).
Group III: Maharashtra (22).

(Published 15 July 2010, 17:32 IST)

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