Soaking in the competitive spirit

Soaking in the competitive spirit


Soaking in the competitive spirit

A sense of competition and anticipation rent the air at the Horlicks Wizkids 2010 finals (for Bangalore) held in the City last week. The best of brains from various schools across the City participated in full strength.

Harinishree B T from Florence Public School and Vibha Mohan from Carmel High School in Basaveshwaranagar made it to the finals which is slated to be the country's biggest inter-school fiesta. They will represent the City at the finals which will be held in November this year. The winners will get an opportunity to represent South-East Asia at an international conference scheduled later this year.

More than 3,000 students from about 18 schools participated in the event and showcased their talent in as many as 30 non-academic fields. This edition of Wizkids provided the students an opportunity to work as a team on diverse subjects such as music, literature, dance, creative writing, speaking, art and design.

Events such as Hindi Antakshari, fancy dress, contemporary dance, shout out, wizkids tweet were designed as a break for the students from their academics. And they turned out to be popular with the students.

The final round of Wizkids kept the audience on the edge of their seat. The 10 finalists were grilled by the panel of judges. Shama Holla from R V Public School performed a dance for Barso Re Mega Mega from the film Guru. Tania Thomas from Shishugriha Montessori imitated popular VJ Lola Kutty.

To everybody’s surprise, Vibha Mohan from Carmel High School asked the judges to give her a topic so that she could recite a poetry on the spot. On her request, she was given the topic Paul, the Octopus. Within no time she recited a poetry and a perfect one at that. “The theme of this year’s fest is I wanted all. It may sound selfish but it was conceived with an idea to instill in the students a desire to achieve something. As the CBSE has removed board exams, a student’s performance in non-academics will also be taken into account when grading,” says Sultan Ahmed from Edumedia India.