Music and dance reviews

Music and dance reviews

Vani GanapathiSilver jubilee of Shantala Trust

The Shantala Arts Trust celebrated its silver jubilee celebrations last week, with a three-day dance festival. The Trust has trained a number of students in Bharathanatya, conducts dance festival regularly, presents awards to senior artistes and holds workshops for young aspirants. A variety of dance recitals - Kathak, Odissi apart from Bharathanatya and Jugalbandi, were held in the current festival.

Vani Ganapathi, popular artiste, gave the inaugural programme on Friday evening, at the Chowdaiah Memorial Hall. It was a brief programme with a invocatory piece, a composition of uthakadu and a thillana. A piece from Pasuram was followed by the "Jaya Jaya Narayana" in ragamalika, which had an attractive lilt. Instead of a varna, Vani chose a composition of Uthakadu Venkata Subba Iyer. The composition with its dramatic overtones was pleasing with popular appeal. The concluding thillana was a fine composition of GNB.

Manasi Prasad's background singing had its usual glitter with emotional appeal. She was adequately supported by Karthik Dathar (Natuvanga), Lingaraju (Mridanga), Chithra Lingam (Veena) and Mysore Dayakar (Violin).

Good in parts

Prasanna Kasthuri and Shila Mehta gave a Bharathanatya and Kathak Jugalbandi. Prasanna originally from Bangalore, is the director of Surya Performing Arts, St Louis, Missouri, USA. Shila is a senior Kathak dancer, who has performed in many organisations.
Prasanna and Shila opened their Jugalbandi with 'Pushpanjali' and 'Sabhavandan' in which they also offered prayer to Vishnu. Prasanna chose a Varna in the raga Natakuranji, with Narasimha Avathara in the 'sanchari'.

He performed with ease and aplomb. Shila then took up the purely rhythmic part in Teen thal.

Dancing to various permutations of rhythm and recitation of boles with foot work which was not impactful.

The duo chose a thumri and a devaranama and followed with a thillana. With some more preparations, the Jugalbandi can become more impressive.

A big team of musicians supported from the wings. Sushma Mohan (natuvanga), Seema Kasthuri (vocal), R Ramesh (mridanga), Hemanth Kumar (violin), Jayaprakash Kannur (flute), Sonar Krishna (vocal and harmonium) and Vivek (tabala).

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