A Dargah in the heart of Chitradurga
The Badamakan Dargah in Chitradurga was said to be built during the Tipu Sultan era.

The monument has been built on the tomb of saint Ahmed Shah Chisti. There is a Bijapur-style dome, and stone minarets on four sides. The monument is said to have been built during the Tipu Sultan era, after the reign of Madakari Nayaka in Chitradurga.

It is said that Tipu Sultan believed in the greatness of Ahmed Khan, and that the monument was built in memory of the legendary saint. Today, though, the story of Badamakan Dargah is quite different. The area around the monument has been encroached upon. Buildings are being constructed. The Archeological Department and the state Tourism Department need to take action in this connection.

The monument also has a 15x15 inch Koran penned by Ahmed Shah himself. There is also a handwoven shirt that Shah would wear. It is said that Hyder Ali had offered the region around the Dargah in charity to a local chieftain who ruled over Hullur village. Historical records also say that Hyder Ali ensured that prayers were held at the Dargah and people got free food and accommodation here. The Dargah is a sacred place for people of all communities, and it is a belief among people here that any illnesses or problems that they encounter are cured by wearing an amulet given here.

However, it is sad that not enough care is being taken by the departments concerned to ensure that the Dargah is preserved. Historian and Principal of  Parashurampura College Z Mohammed Zifulla hopes that someone volunteers to safeguard this place of historical interest.

Adjacent to the Dargah  is the tomb of Lateef Baig, the chief officer of the Hyder Ali army. The tomb also had a Persian inscription till not so long ago. Today, though, it has disappeared. All the more reason why this monument needs to be protected.
B Mohiuddeen Khan

Millet centre for Dharwad
The Millet Network of India (MINI) recently celebrated its first anniversary by initiating a millet centre in Dharwad. Atmadeepa - An organisation for Health and Environment and Centre for Agricultural Media have joined hands in this venture.

Millet Network of India (MINI) considers millets as “God’s Own Crops”, as it believes millets respond to multiple farming challenges being faced today. It is beneficial as it can also be grown in a very harsh environment under rain-fed conditions.

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