Move to bring temples under govt control opposed

Move to bring temples under govt control opposed

Speaking on the occasion, Hindu Janajagruthi Samiti leader Mohan Gowda said that the taking over the temple control by the government would ruin the presence of transparency in the temple administration and allow corruption to enter the administration of the temples. “If the government is willing to manage the religious institutions, then let it bring masjids and churches under its control, why only the temples,” he asked.  

Further, he alleged the government for interfering in the religious issues of the citizens in spite of claiming itself as a ‘secular’ government.

 “The government had been transferring the funds collected from the temples for the development of churches and masjids. At present more than 34,000 temples are controlled by the government. Government is literally looting the temples,” he opined.

Further he informed that Hindu Janajagruthi Samiti had already started protest against the government’s move. The protest were held at Haveri, Bangalore, Gadag and Uttara Kannada districts.

Various temple trustees and administrators were present.