Waiting for the Lord for ages

Waiting for the Lord for ages

The priests of the temple, faithfuls and locals believe that the trinity will one day come to Chhatia abandoning their home in Puri als9o known as Srikhetra.
According to a prediction, Puri will be submerged due to global warming and subsequent rise of water level in the Bay of Bengal.

Achyutananda Das, a 15th century saint of Orissa, had written about the arrival of the Lord in his famous book known as "Achutananda Malika".
He had predicted the arrival of the trinity to Chhaita after the sea engulfed the holy town and its nearby areas.

Some of Das' predictions in his Malika including drought, cyclone, same sex marriage, public character and heat wave for the last couple of years in the country have come to pass, said researcher Bibhutibhusan Pal.

The Saint in his famous book 'Udhhab Bhakti Pradayani' had written, ''Jagannatha palaibe chaka chadhi kari, Jaina rahibe Prabhu Basu je nagari (One day Lord Jagannath will depart leaving behind his sanctum sanctorum in Puri and live in Chhatia town),'' said Pal.

The Anantagopal temple is regarded as the second abode of Lord Jagannath after Puri. The faithfuls claim that Lord Jagannath  will some day relocate to Chhatia along with his brother and sister.

And keeping his eventual arrival in mind, construction work in the temple continues.
Since the Lord's  arrival is expected any day, construction work at the temple never stops throughout the year while the wait goes on.

The construction work in Chhatia temple will be stopped only when the Lord arrives here, said Pradyumna Kumar Das, one of the priests of the temple, best known as Manima, who is also treated by the Chhatia  devotees as a living god.