'Welcome to NLS family'

'Welcome to NLS family'

Freshers' night

The new batch of 2015 got a chance to formally acquaint themselves to the rest of the NLS family, through a warm and eventful fresher's party hosted by the Cultural Committee, under the theme of 'Superheroes'.

"Each first year student was asked to walk the ramp set up for the event, show off their costume, speak a bit about themselves and then answer a couple of tricky questions or perform interesting acts. The first years did a great job,” said Ayush Nanda, a first year student.

He added, “There was a vivid collection of the world’s greatest superheroes under the NLS roof — from Superman who led the way, other greats including Tarzan, Shaktimaan, The Powerpuff Girls, X-Men, Men in Black, Green Lantern and even the creative 'AXE - MAN' showed off their talents to the cheering crowd.”

The newcomers did entertain. And why not? They had a brilliant audience in the form of the seniors who showed up despite the persistent drizzle. Jahnavi Sindhu, another first year student said, “The seniors used their own superpowers to make for a positive interaction with the juniors.”

Roopashi Khatri, her batchmate, agreed, “What made the night special was the warmth of the seniors, who cheered for us, made us feel at home and of course, brought us cake.” The ‘ramp walk’ ended with the selection of the Freshers' King and Queen, who were Aditya Pratap Singh (APS) Rathore and Roopashi Khatri respectively.

The event was followed by a party organised by the Cultural Committee. APS Rathore observed, “It was an amazing ice-breaking event.” Roopashi pitched in, “I think it was five parts creativity, ten parts excitement and two barrels of Red Bull. All this together made for a perfect freshers' party mix.” The first year student’s excitement was best captured by Ayush Nanda who said, “We are now officially a part of law school and it feels great!”