Trouble in gangland: 1 shot, 7 held

Trouble in gangland: 1 shot, 7 held

Sacked by don and riled by associates, he opens fire

According to police, Praveen had hired Bhoop Singh (52), an ex-serviceman from Haryana at Rs 18,000 a month. Singh joined Praveen in March 2009. Soon, Praveen suspected Singh’s loyalty to him and decided to sack him.On Tuesday night, Praveen settled his gunman's accounts and asked him to leave.

Singh returned to his room on Nala Road near Sudhamnagar which he shared with Praveen’s driver, Darshan, and which Praveen had rented. Soon, Darshan, along with his friends Romeo, Manju, Anthony and Louis landed at the room and picked up a fight with Singh.

The gang, in an attempt to irritate him, pulled out his licensed .32 revolver and snatched his money and tried to assault him.

Singh took out his weapon and fired twice. One bullet hit the wall while the other entered Louis' right thigh. Stunned by Singh’s riposte, the gang was forced to pick up the injured and rush towards the hospital.

Neighbours alerted police and Singh was taken into custody. Police also arrested Praveen and his associates and charged them with multiple cases.