Bill Clinton more popular than Obama: poll

Bill Clinton more popular than Obama: poll

While 61 per cent of the Americans who polled viewed Clinton favourably, his successors Barack Obama and George W Bush scored 52 per cent and 45 per cent respectively, Gallup said in its latest opinion poll.

Moreover, in an indictaion of the fact that he was loved by party opponents as well, Democrats hold similar opinions about Clinton and Obama but Republicans and independents hold more positive views with regard to Clinton than the current President.
Partisan impressions of Bush and Obama are mirror images, according to the poll.

Independents, however, view Bush less favourably than Obama (37 per cent vs 50 per cent).

This is the first time in Gallup polling that Clinton's favourable rating exceeds Obama's.
At the same time, Obama's 52 per cent favourable rating now ties his lowest since he entered the White House. Obama's favourable rating first fell to 52 per cent in March, and has since stayed in that range, the poll said.

Clinton's rating has increased considerably since the 2008 presidential election campaign (and before Hillary Clinton assumed the role of Secretary of State), rising to 61 per cent from 52 per cent in August 2008, the poll said.

Since 2008, Clinton's favourable rating is up 10 percentage points among Democrats (from 79 per cent to 89 per cent), nine points among independents (from 51 per cent to 60 per cent), and 12 points among Republicans (from 18 per cent to 30 per cent).