Gunmen attack Mandela's daughter, grandchildren

Zindzi Mandela and her children were approached by the two armed strangers in the driveway of their home early Sunday evening, according to police spokesman Govindsamy Mariemuthoo.

He said the driver of the car, Mandela's daughter and the children were first ordered to lie on the ground. The attackers then reportedly walked away, but returned shortly after to search them.

One of the men suddenly fired a shot, leading the driver to return fire, Mariemuthoo said. No one was injured and the attackers fled.
Zindzi Mandela, 49, and the children had previously been at her father's house to celebrate his birthday. The day was also marked by numerous events throughout South Africa in honour of the increasingly frail national hero.

It is the second blow to the Mandela family within a six-week span. Zenani Mandela, the 13-year-old great-granddaughter of Nelson Mandela and granddaughter of Zindzi Mandela, died in a car crash shortly before the June 11 opening of the World Cup.

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