Beating the rains in style

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Beating the rains in style

When the raingods are pouring all across the town, you better not step out without one of these and while at it, it’s best to buy something that is trendy as well as durable. Blue, yellow, orange or the plain old black umbrellas have as much options today as other accessories. And while you are out in the rain, it’s best to make a style statement with these. Metrolife speaks to people in the City about what they look for in a good umbrella and the basic ‘must haves’ while out buying a new piece.

The best umbrellas are the ones that can be kept in your bag and can be carried around. But a common problem with these is that they tend to fall flat in front of strong rainstorms and often break down. “The small umbrellas are not really something that would protect you from strong rains. But they are definitely better to carry than not have anything at all,” says Swati, a student.

During rainy season, transparent umbrellas are the ones that will definitely give you a sexy and glamourous look. You can see the raindrops falling on your head and pouring rains would have never looked so beautiful. And the best part is that these transparent ‘rain-shields’ would go with every colour, making mixing and matching very easy. “A transparent shade is so much better to carry than a black one which looks so dull. The black ones are something that your grandfather would carry,” says Shruthi, a student.
Another option would be to go for brightly coloured, floral umbrellas that are both smart and girly. These are much better than the regular black ones any day of the week and bright colours have a better chance of catching attention for all the right reasons. “I like to have those brightly coloured plain umbrellas. They look chic but not overly girly,” says Aarti, a professional.

While umbrellas start for a price of as less as Rs 100, they can go upto Rs 1,000 depending on the brand. While a few  go for big brands when it comes to these items, most go for prettier stuff that is available for a cheaper rate. These are available almost everywhere in the City, in places like Airport Road, M G Road, Richmond Road and National Market for ‘cheaper but durable’ versions. Though it is good to look for a good colour, other aspects that you must look for while purchasing one are durability, strength and quality. It is best to invest in a good quality one, in a good colour, so that you are not caught off guard when it pours.

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