Monsoon make-up myths and facts

Monsoon make-up myths and facts

Monsoon make-up myths and facts

During the monsoon, make-up never lasts long. In no time, the foundation starts to turn streaky and blotchy. A natural matte finish (non-shiny) look is the current trend and is also more suitable for the humid season. Avoid heavy foundation and shimmer during this time of the year. The effort should be to achieve a translucent skin texture. Pick up a matte-finish foundation. Women tend to get make-up tips mixed up quite often. Here are some common monsoon make-up blunders which I have noticed.

Heavy foundation on oily skin

Many believe that a foundation is a must during the humid season. I would suggest that you avoid using foundation during the monsoon, especially during the day. Replace the foundation with compact powder. Like foundation, it is available in different shades. It also reduces the oily look and provides a smooth skin texture.

Applying moisturiser before using foundation

It is true that a moisturising lotion is a base for the foundation, but this does not hold good during the monsoon. During hot and humid weather, if you must apply foundation, apply an astringent lotion on your face first.  Follow this up by rubbing an ice cube on your face until it cools down your skin. This helps close up pores. You may then apply a foundation.

The colour of your foundation must be as close to your normal skin tone as possible. This helps the make-up to blend it and look natural. Otherwise, it can give a mask-like effect. Use a bronzer or blush over the cheekbones to give the skin a glow.

Using a creamy foundation

Creamy foundation makes the face look oily. Moreover, it does not last long. During the monsoon, opt for a water-based foundation. Add a drop or two of water for lighter coverage. Better still, try a cake foundation or panstick.

Cake foundations provide a smooth matte (non-shiny) finish. They are solid, so water must be added before application. Use a damp sponge to apply it. Then dust your skin with loose powder. It helps the make-up last longer. Dust off the excess powder with damp cotton wool. The natural matte look is quite the rage now.

Applying lots of powder to reduce oiliness

Powder can absorb a significant amount of oil during summer but that trick does not work during the monsoon. Dust off excess powder with cotton wool. Too much powder can make the face blotchy due to perspiration. Powder also tends to settle into tiny lines, especially around the eyes. So, never forget to dust off excess powder.

Many think that light powder, like baby powder, is best during the monsoon. Translucent powder is pale in colour and does not  always suit all skin tones. Tinted powder is a safer bet. Try warm yellow tones. Apply it carefully. It should be lightly applied using a powder brush.

Applying foundation on the eyelids helps the make-up last longer

The skin around the eyes is thin and delicate. Wrinkles, lines and creases form easily. Foundation cream can accentuate these signs of ageing. Avoid.

Pastel (light) coloured lipsticks last longer in humid weather

It is true that pastel coloured lipsticks look cool and more natural in summer, but  that does not mean that they last longer than brighter shades like a rich red, maroon or brown. 

The latter look better with traditional Indian outfits. A coral or dark pink lipstick can bring out your youth and make you look attractive during the monsoon.

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