Cow dung, a wise choice to enrich soil fertility

Use of chemical fertiliser has poisoned our food products causing health hazards. Its effect on earth is worse has it has gradually turns fertile farm barren and consequently, drop in yield. This has made farmers turn to natural manure.

Years ago, the farmers use to keep cows in large numbers, which not only would help them earn extra income through dairy farming, but also get cow dung to prepare manure for the field. Greed, uncultivable land under State’s ownership has further caused farmers turn away from the natural manure.

Each and every family of farmers generally kept atleast a pair of oxen, cows, buffaloes and calves. However, they have been replaced by tractors and new breeds, which make farmer inevitably depend on chemical fertilisers and help from outside.

Gobar gas, which was popular once in all the villagers, have now lost its prominence as it was also prepared using cow dung.

The government has given subsidy for installing gobar gas unit. Besides, power was also generated using the gobar gas. With no cow sheds and cow dungs the gobar gas units have become obsolete. With people choosing LPG which doesn’t require them to put in physical efforts, even the farmers have lost interest in maintaining gobar gas unit.

However, now farmers are realising that it would be a wise choice to go for natural sources of manure and fuel, because of power crisis, loss of soil quality and other problems having worsened their situations.

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