“The hike affects long distance travel adversely. However the auto drivers charge Rs 20 as minimum fare even for short distances. So, it does not make a big difference if the minimum fare is increased by just Rs 3.”
Kamlesh, Businessman

“In just a month we saw the petrol and LPG prices going up drastically. The hike in minimum fare does not come as a surprise. This will not deter me from travelling in it.”
Angan Sengupta, Economics student

“I think it is a good decision from the perspective of auto drivers. Since price rise has become a common thing now, how can auto drivers not be affected by it.”
Priya Gupta, Sociology student

“The minimum fare demanded by auto drivers is Rs 20 even if the fare is fixed to Rs 14. The attitude of auto drivers plying in city outskirts is ruthless. I am sure they are going to lose customers because of the price hike.”
Rohit Shyamsukha, Manager, Alliances and CRM

“I think it is a fair decision of the price hike of auto fares. But the middle class commuters will be the worst affected and also the people travelling long distance,” Jerome, Principal
“The hike in minimum fare inevitably favours the auto drivers, which they duly deserve. They have to take care of their families. We should be fair to them as well, rather than being selfish.”
Subhooshna Shetty, Housewife

“Faulty meters are a big problem. Add to this is the increase in fare, I think this is unfair to the commuters,” Mangala, student

“We end up paying extra even if we take a pre-paid auto, like paying double the meter. The increased auto fare will  force us to cut down on our travel.” Kalpita, student