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Book Rack

The Crimson Throne

Sudhir kakar
Penguin Books, 2010, pp 255, Rs 450
The Crimson Throne, is set in seventeenth century India probes into the continuities of imperial expansion and a splintered islam. While the monarch Shah Jahan indulges in pleasures the country is bracing itself for the brutal and inevitable war of succession to the peacock throne. At this time  the European travellers Niccolao Manucci and Francois Bernier arrive in India and find their way into the innermost circles of the royals.

The Taste of Sorrow
Jude  Morgan
Hachette India, 2010, pp 454, Rs 350
This is the story of theBronte sisters Charlotte, Emily and Anne bound by love and suffering growing up in wild isolation in a lonely house on the moor. Their story will astonish the readers with their passionate, dangerous closeness, their struggle against the world their determination to rise abovethe fates of their parents and their other lost sisters, to become more than the world ever thought they could be.

Jo Nambiar
Edifice Educational Trust, 2010, pp 329, Rs 250
Phansigar eis a story that belongs to the historical fiction genre. It is the story of a little known macabre cult of mass murderers, called Thugee who menaced Indian sub-continent for centuries. It portrays the character of orphaned John Penmarric, who leaves home, St Ives (Cornwall, England) for London to seek his fortune. His love for Lady Polgarth unfolds as the book progresses further.

Valmiki’s Daughter
Shani Mootoo
Penguin, 2010, pp 398, Rs 299
Story of Valmiki’s Daughter centres on a wealthy Trinidadian family-Valmiki, a renowned doctor and loving, if confused, father and his eldest daughter, Viveka, lively, intelligent. The book explore family relationships, competing pulls of race,class and sexuality in a take laced with humour. Author offers a new view of Trinidad with the island’s cultural ethos and social conventions at odds with hidden desires and family secrets. Its avibrating and uplifting book.

Thousand autumns of jacob de zeot
David Mitchell
Hachette India, 2010, pp 480, Rs 595
Thousand Autumns of Jacob be Zeot  is a tale of power, passion and integrity located in a tiny island attached to mainland Japan. This book brings to lifee a tectonic shift between East and West, taking the reader to an era when news from abroad took months to arrive. But people behaved as they always do cheating, loving, lusting, yearning, fighting and killing. Its a thought-provoking book.  

The Last day of my life
Jim Moret
Jaico, 2010, pp 152, Rs 195
The last day of my life  reveals the story of Jim Moret’s intimate journey through his depression, tragedy, self-doubt and grapples with his greatest decision not only simply to live but also how to live. He has 24 hours left to struggle with life and this book is the answer.

The Dollmaker’s island
Anuradha Kumar
Gyaana Books, 2010, pp 240, Rs 225
The dollmaker’s island  reveals the story of elusive dollmakers on a strange island forever adrift. Ronen Ghito and Leela are the characters evolving the story. It shows an interesting perspective on the socio-political scenario in India through the ages.  The narrative flows across time and space, breaking all barriers. The book is  persistent and fun to read.