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DVD Reviews

Intelligent comedy on the city of dreams

Mumbai has always inspired many a Hindi film, capturing its various hues. Sankat City provides a zany look how the city provides the scope for a million dreams. A madcap comedy in the thriller format, it is the story of an ensemble of characters, all of whom are pursuing a life of comfort but are condemned to live in the underbelly of the megapolis.

At the heart of the story is a petty car thief, played with deadpan élan by Kay Kay Menon and his shenanigans that gets him embroiled in a life-threatening situation. Anupam Kher, as the Himachali-accented comic mafia don, occupies the antagonist’s space. Sundry other characters, all in the pursuit of quick money, make up the space in between.

This is one rare intelligent comedy from Bollywood, which usually relies on cheap jokes in the name of evoking laughter like the recent Houseful. The director, who assisted Kundan Shah in Jaane Bhi Do Yaron, considered the best satire in Hindi cinema, sure knows his job.

Sankat city
Directed by Pankaj Advani
Moser Baer, Rs 149