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Struggling to survive

My Shocking Story on Discovery Channel showcases amazing yet real life stories taking viewers up close and personal to some of the world’s most extraordinary people. In this episode, viewers will discover story of Vicki, a 45-year-old lady living in Miami. Since she was a child, her leg has been growing bigger and bigger as a result of a condition, Lymphedema. Her foot and leg have grown out of all proportions and are now so big that it’s hard to fathom that they are actually a part of a human body. Watch the show on July at 9 pm to see how she is struggling to survive.

Truth and lies

You have seen the Indian version; it’s now time for the original. Starting July 26 at 9 pm, watch the Mark Walberg hosted show Moment of Truth (season 2) where contestants are asked 50 increasingly personal and embarrassing questions to receive cash prizes. Prior to the show, a contestant is hooked up to a polygraph and asked more than 50 questions. Without knowing the results of the polygraph, he or she is asked 21 of those same questions again on the program, each becoming progressively more personal in nature. If the contestant answers honestly, he or she moves on to the next question; however, should a contestant lie in his or her answer (as determined by the polygraph) or simply refuse to answer a question after it has been asked, the game ends.

Mean machines

Imagine racing down the road in the Shelby Ultimate Aero – the American Supercar that broke the world speed record for a production car. Step aboard multi-million vehicles as Discovery Turbo takes you on a once-in-a-lifetime experience in the World’s Most Expensive Rides. The 13-part series will air every Monday to Friday at 11:30 pm on the channel till August 9. Each episode will scour the world in search of the most expensive machines.