Not a reel life, but real life pati, patni aur woh

Not a reel life, but real life pati, patni aur woh

Not a reel life, but real life pati, patni aur woh

If you have missed Boney Kapoor's blockbuster of the late 90s ‘Judai’, where the two lead actresses - Sridevi and Urmila - vie with each other for the same man - Anil Kapoor, then take a look at this real life story of Bihar, which is a replica of reel life.

In one of the most bizarre incidents, a woman having three children not only got her husband re-married but also performed the rituals at the wedding function.

The man in question Ashok Shah was wedded to Savita in Saran district in 2003. Over the years, the couple had three children. But when the first child was born, Savita called her younger sister Sarita for post-natal care.

Days of 'nursing' turned into months of companionship, followed by years of courtship between Ashok and his sister-in-law Sarita. As love blossomed, the marital boat of the legally-wedded couple rocked. But Savita, like a true ‘Sati Savitri’ Indian wife, preferred to overlook her hubby's extramarital fling.

Years passed by. The couple had three children. But Ashok still yearned for Sarita. Eventually, one day he proposed to his wife that she facilitate his wedding with her younger sister, lest a legal hurdle comes up. "If you want you can stay with me along with the children even after my marriage," he said. The move was opposed tooth and nail by the panchayat, village elders and all the close relatives.

But Savita stood by her husband and told all those who opposed the remarriage that if she won't do so, "chances are Ashok may commit suicide."

"Jab miya bibi razi, to kya karega kazi (If the husband and wife have agreed, then what can a court do?)” wondered Savita's father Kalika Shah, while giving his consent.

Soon a wedding function was organized on the premises of nearby Yogi Baba Temple, where hundreds of locals, relatives and onlookers assembled to watch a Bollywood-type family drama.

Strangely, the kanyadan of the bride was performed by Ashok's first wife. And the trio hopefully are living happily thereafter.