Mugdha loves watching horror movies alone

Last Updated 25 July 2010, 03:33 IST

Mugdha reveals that during her modelling days she had a scary experience - she heard a non-existent person talking on the mobile phone in her hotel room!

"Once I actually experienced something very scary. I was modelling those days and I checked into a room with another girl in Frankfurt. We were very tired so we switched off the lights and were in our beds by 10 pm. But till 2.30 at night I could hear the other girl talking on the phone.

"Finally I woke up and told her to stop talking because I couldn't sleep. But to my horror, she told me that she wanted to tell me the same thing and that her phone had been kept aside for charging," Mugdha told IANS in an interview.

"We got really scared and tried to put on the lights but the lights were not coming on. Then we felt something eerie around. We immediately called the hotel reception and asked for a room change. It's only when we reached the other room that we heaved a sigh of relief," she said.

But the 24-year-old is not one to get completely spooked. She still loves to watch horror films all alone.

"I like to psych myself out. Sometimes when I'm alone at home, I order horror film DVDS, put off the lights and then watch it. I like doing that because it gives me a kick," the actress said.

Mugdha, who has done films like "Fashion", "All The Best" and "Jail", is now all set to scare audiences in supernatural thriller "Help".

"It's a very interesting character. Also, I am a fan of horror films and I watch one horror film every week... I have a big collection. So I thought if I am getting an opportunity to act in one, then why not?"

"In the film, I play the wife of a filmmaker who makes horror movies. One day they go to Mauritius and that's where unusual things start happening. The film is very international. It will have audiences on the edge of their seat," she claimed.
Directed by Rajeev Virani, "Help" also stars Bobby Deol.

After "Help", Mugdha will be seen in "Will You Marry Me?" that also features Rajeev Khandelwal, Shreyas Talpade, Celina Jaitley and Muzammil Ibrahim.

(Published 25 July 2010, 03:33 IST)

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