The road to nowhere

The road to nowhere

Mounting Problems

The road to nowhere

Most of the roads in the City are in a bad condition due to repeated digging.

This unearthing process, that happens quite often, creates unending hassles for the public. The work sometimes extends for a month or more leaving people, who stay close-by, in great difficulty.

“It is a nuisance to the public. We don’t have space to walk — the pebbles, sand, iron bars and the mixing machine occupy half the road and the traffic moves extremely slow during the peak hours,” says Prasad, a professional. He says that Sankey Road, the stretch between Golf Club and Mekhri Circle, is notorious for traffic jams. “There is no use  complaining to any authority; nothing is going to happen. We have to look for alternative ways. I leave half-an-hour early to reach my office on time,” he adds.

Many roads are single lanes which result in traffic pile-up at every intersection. “Unearthed roads get waterlogged during monsoon and add to the traffic congestion. Already, the City has been facing a lot of traffic jams due to Metro work. The long stretch from Malleswaram to Navarang has become a hell for commuters due to Metro work. I hope the work finishes fast,” says Sarala, an employee at an audit firm.

Anvesh, an engineering student, says that the repeated digging causes many problems and uneasiness for the commoners. “Digging up of roads for repair and maintenance is fine as long as it doesn’t take place frequently. If they do it on and on, the soil loses its capacity and leads to various environmental issues. Traffic congestion is a common sight these days,” he observes.

He reasons, “It happens due to the lack of co-ordination between the departments concerned. This can be avoided by doing repair and all other works at the same time. This can be brought about by better co-ordination between each department heads. Also, they should realise that there is heavy wastage of money when you dig the same road again. It should be put back in the right condition, which they never do.”

Raghavendra B S, a B E graduate, feels that in the name of various works, the authorities are causing inconvenience as well as wasting public money.

“Telecom Department takes the lion’s share when it comes to unearthing the roads. The State Government recently permitted three more telecom companies to commence their service. No wonder, they dig roads separately to put cables causing traffic menace. Likewise, majority of the projects are not far-sighted,” he says.

“Road excavation in any area worsens the lives of people who are residing nearby. The noise of heavy machines and the dust contribute to pollution. But the public is helpless. Unless the authorities apply their minds, we will have to undergo difficulties very often,” says Narahari.