'I want to do some crazy stuff'

'I want to do some crazy stuff'


'I want to do some crazy stuff'

Chic: Arya Bannerjee

Arya Bannerjee has a fetish for colours. “I love black, red and white. Black because you can wear it on just about any occasion, white makes you look pristine and red simply makes you stand out,” explained Arya, who looked gorgeous in a long flowing black gown at the Bangalore Fashion Week.

Coming from a family of accomplished musicians and being a trained classical musician, it was quite a shock when Arya chose a career in films. People assumed she would become a classical singer. “Yes, I think my family was a little apprehensive when I said I wanted to do films. I want to do some crazy stuff before I actually settle down in life,” Arya told Metrolife.

Arya debuted in Love Sex Aur Dhoka. She played a girl from a small town in UP. “I had to undergo a complete makeover in the film – change my body language, my looks, my accent and also learn some of the choicest of abuses and learn how to use them in the appropriate slang possible,” said Arya, “I discovered a whole new me," she adds.

Arya has had her share of bitter experiences when shooting. She almost lost the sight in her left eye when she accidentally banged her eye against an iron bar while shooting for an underwater scene. “I thought my career was over and I would never be able to do any films. I began my treatment and barely a day after my injury my director called me back to work. That’s when I realised that there’s no substitute for hard work and that if you have made up your mind to achieve something then nothing could be a hindrance,” she reasons.

Arya is excited that her debut was not some song and dance scene or an item number but a substantial role. “I have just begun and have a long way to go,” she avers. 

Arya says she knows her limits in films and that she “wouldn’t do anything that would let her family down.”