Citizen welfare is Meena's mantra

He takes over as BBMP Commissioner, Subramanya moves to Agriculture Dept

Citizen welfare is Meena's mantra

 He replaced Dr S Subramanya, who had ‘sought’ a transfer from his current post.

The 52-year-old Meena, who hails from Swaimadhopur in Rajasthan, earlier held the post of  Principal Secretary, Social Welfare Department. His predecessor, Subramanya, who made headlines for his ‘handling’ of the Abhishek drowning incident and his defamation suit against the Lokayukta, has been made the Principal Secretary of the Agriculture Department.

Meena had only two words in his immediate agenda: ‘Citizen welfare.’ “The BBMP is an evolving government organisation. It is not only me who has to function at my best but also the entire organisation. We need to work as a team,” he said. He appealed for support from the media and the public in furthering the legacy of the BBMP, which has been serving the City over the years.

On the controversial topic of the stormwater drains, which has been in the public eye for the past 15 days, Meena said the matter has been looked upon and he will soon address it. “We will be getting technically qualified engineers to look into the storm water drains and look at what changes can be made to its designs,” he said.

Meena expected the continuing support from the State government to BBMP and its development projects. “It is a government organisation, isn't it? I will expect the State government to continue with the same,” he said.

Subramanaya satisfied

 The outgoing BBMP commissioner, Subramanaya described his stint at the Palike as ‘quite satisfactory.’ When queried on whether he would have handled the controversies that surrounded him in any different way, he refused to comment.

He said in his new assignment as the Principal Secretary of Agriculture Department, his primary focus would be on the farmer. “It will be all about the farmer. The other agendas would include looking at the market prices and crop insurance for their benefit,” Subramanaya said.

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