Off the record

Off the record

Bachche to kids’ rescue

July 11 is earmarked for World Population Day but in Bangalore days and dates hardly matter. All you need is seriousness and pious motives and you can hold the same event even after twelve days. Probably waiting for the blessings of some regional celebrity, the health department and the Bangalore Rural district decided to observe the event on July 23 at Devanahalli.

What could be a better place for holding World Population Day than Nagareshwaraswami Kalyana Mantapa, a Marriage Hall in Devanahalli. Any guess about the chief guest? Our own Bachche Gowda! The underlining factor is that he is Karnataka’s labour minister. Needless to say the chief guest’s focus was on minimising the number of ‘bachche’ (children) as cheap labour. But Bachche Gowda did not appear to be quite happy because the crowd seemed to be a managed one, which included Asha workers, midwives, nurses, school girls, some teachers and of course the minister’s followers.

G Manjusainath

BJP’s unfriendly friends

Though the Bhartiya Janata Party has been in alliance with almost every party except the Left and the Congress, it is still to find a committed ally. The party may find it difficult to openly accept the fact, but it is a reality that even years of association could not make NDA allies loyal to each other.

Compared to its rival, the Congress, the BJP has more chances of being lonely on a track .On most of the occasions, when it cries a foul play its allies just keep quiet. In the arrest of Amit Shah also, the party is faced with similar situation, No ally is coming out in the open to save it. Just take the example of Janata Dal-United (JDU).

The party has on many occasions accused the Congress of using the Central Bureau of Investigation CBI)for its political ends, but when it came to cry for the ally, the party is refraining from raising any voice. If any thing it is doing  is to support the action, though indirectly. It is just five days ago, on Monday, the JDU Chief Sharad Yadav was cornered by pressmen to react on the CBI’s action against Hindu terrorism; Yadav not only rejected the idea of misusing the agency in this case, but supported its action. He was quick to add that in matters of criminal investigations the agency has a good track record.
Interestingly, he reiterated his allegation that the Congress has been using the agency for its political ends. Of course, he did not mention one thing that the JDU is not inclined to oppose if BJP is the victim. The BJP has to live with the situation because it has chosen its unfriendly allies knowing well that they are not friends in need! The Party can not complain!. 

Anil Sinha, New Delhi

Kudos for flip-flop

Bangalore: Political statements and promises have always come with a rider. Some may be fulfiled but most are left to imagination. Twice such promises were made on the construction of war memorial made by the Chief Minister, B S Yeddyurappa. And on both occasions, the chief minister was appreciated by opposing forces. On Sunday, at a public forum, the ex-servicemen applauded Yeddyurappa’s U-turn on the project by allowing to carry ahead without hindrances.

With public pressure mounting on the him, Yeddyurappa had promised to put a stop to the construction of the National Military Monument (NMM) in the heart of the City inside the Indira Gandhi Musical Fountain Park. But with twice the pressure, a month later,
Yeddyurappa reversed his statement and allowed the construction of the same in the same spot. On Sunday, the ex-servicemen applauded the chief minister for his reversal of statement on the NMM. “It takes courage for a CM to reverse his statements in the Assembly,” said one ex-servicemen. An appreciation, for once, on not fulfilling his promise.

Sandeep Moudgal, Bangalore

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