No takers for mining engineering

No takers for mining engineering

On Sunday, the 12th day of the ongoing CET counselling, mining, mechatronics, precision manufacturing and silk technology were the courses which drew blanks. None among the 1,800 registered students for the day opted for these courses.

Electronics and Instrumentation Technology, Medical Electronics, Tool Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, and Automotives and Robotics were chosen by just one student each.

In contrast, streams like Electronics and Communications, Computer Science, Information Science, Electricals and Electronics, Civil, Mechanical continued to find many takers.

While as many as 311 students opted for Electronics and Communications, 278 candidates chose Computer Science. Mechanical Engineering came third with 248 candidates opting for it, while 184 students chose Information Science. Civil, the humble branch, found as many as 154 takers and 109 students selected Electricals and Electronics Engineering.

In all, 1,418 out of 1,800 students ranked between 18,301 and 20,100 selected their seats. On Monday, 23,340 seats will be available.