Angelina Jolie wants to play James Bond?

Angelina Jolie wants to play James Bond?

The 35-year-old actress, who has essated a variety of roles in the past calls 'Salt' her James Bond film because when she was approached years ago about playing one of 007's babes, she had replied, "No, thank you, but I'd like to be Bond."

However, movie bosses remembered that comment and fulfilled her wish by calling her for 'Salt' and said, "Maybe we've found your Bond."

Jolie, who raises six kids with parther Brad Pitt admits that although she enjoys serious acting, she also wants her audience to have fun, Ok! magazine reported.

"I also love entertaining and the simple pleasure of that, so I don't start to take everything too seriously. I've been lucky to go back and forth between action and drama, and it's more where I am emotionally.

"Sometimes, after doing something like Changeling, where you're so emotionally drained, it's important to do something that gets you out of yourself," Jolie said.

"I'd just had babies and I'd been at home for a year and a half when I decided to do Salt. I knew it would be good for me to jump around and get active after all that time. I'd just do less at some point. I have a few more stories I'd like to tell, but I can imagine I'll do less as my kids grow up," she added.