In perfect harmony

In perfect harmony

Classical Composition

In perfect harmony

The trio performing at the concert.

The young music trio, who is visiting India with the purpose of extending their knowledge of music, gave an amazing performance in the jam-packed hall of BSM recently. The trio opened their recital with Mozart’s classical chamber music composition  Kegelstatt Trio KV498, in perfect harmony. The composition was extremely dense and cerebral and was appreciated by the audience. “Actually, there is a story behind this composition. History has it that Mozart wrote this work while partaking in a game of skittles. The work, which explains the atmospheric beauty, is the outcome of his frivolous diversion. But here we have replaced the clarinet with violin,” explains Dmitri Ivanov.

The second piece was 3 Romanzen by Clara Romanzen. After that, Svjatoslav Presnyakov and Dmitri Ivanov took the stage with the Beethoven Sonata for piano and music.

The piece was one of Beethoven’s rarely known works and had three parts. The first part was very passionate and the second was romance and it culminated with the third part, the joy of carnival.“Beethoven has captured the mood of a famous carnival at his place in the last piece. The carnival was very grandiose like your Dasara,” says Jan Sham Brouwer, who is familiar with Mysore. The concert concluded with Russian composer Tchaikovsky’s Remembrance of Beauty.

The trio will be visiting Mysore, Pune and Mumbai to experience the rich Indian classical music. “We want to share our music culture. It is a give and take kind of music expedition. As India also inherits a rich musical lineage, our excursion will be more meaningful,” reveals Svjatoslav Presnyakov about their visit to India.

Aruna Sunderlal, Director, Bangalore School of Music was elated by the kind of response shown by the audience to the concert and appreciated the three musicians for the recognition they have earned worldwide. “All three of them have not yet completed 20 years, but their achievement is far higher than their age. I think students of our school will be inspired by their dedication towards learning and the way they are exposing themselves to  different kinds of music.”