'People should stop comparing'

'People should stop comparing'

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'People should stop comparing'

Upbeat: Radhika Gandhi

She’s upbeat and enthusiastic about movies. And if there is one thing that Radhika Gandhi likes the most about her vocation — it is getting new makeovers all the time. Though Radhika followed her elder sister’s footsteps, she has managed to hold her own ground this far and admits that she has a long way to go. 

Pursuing a fashion course, Radhika is one of the few actresses who is balancing both movies and studies. Ask her about it and she says, “It’s not like I have a choice.” She adds, “Education is always important and I won’t leave my studies till I get a good grounding. I have been lucky that my college has been supportive and given me time off whenever I have shoots. Now that my second year has started, I can’t wait to get back to college.”

As an actress, Radhika enjoys playing a variety of roles. One has already seen her enact the characters of a modern and bubbly girl and of a mature married woman. Now, Radhika is all set to play a village belle in her latest film Hosa Prema Purana opposite Nithin Gowda. “It’s so much fun because I am dressed in traditional outfit with flowers and bangles. It’s all these small detailing that I enjoy when I don a new role. I was seen in a sari in Sri Harikathe but there I played a married woman,” says Radhika, who is also playing a bubbly city girl in Ramu Productions’ Veera. With every film, Radhika says she has learnt something new. “I have learnt so much from all the characters that I have played as I get very connected to them and almost become one with the role,” she adds.

Working with big production houses is something most actresses look forward to, but for Radhika it’s a different story altogether. “For me, it’s not about big production houses and budgets or newcomers. When I sign a film, I want the theme to be good and I look at how comfortable I am with the director. I must share a good rapport because I have to work with him,” she adds.

Radhika is doing one film at a time and she likes the pace at which her career is going. About being compared to her sister Pooja Gandhi, she says, “I have heard such horror stories about us fighting and being competitive. All these are rumours. We are also best of friends and I look up to her. There can be no comparisons as she has so much of experience on her side and I feel I am still new in the industry. I hope people just stop comparing.”