Sponsorship of terror as policy instrument condemnable: India

Responding to the ISI-related reports on 'Wikileaks', the spokesperson of the External Affairs Ministry said "we have seen media reports about classified information, supposedly from US government sources, put out in public domain, on support to terrorism by ISI-Pakistan’s military intelligence agency.

"Sponsorship of terrorism, as an instrument of policy, is wholly condemnable and must cease forthwith", the spokesperson said.

'Wikileaks', an on-line whistle-blower's leak of around 91,000 US military documents yesterday revealed how Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) backed the terrorist outfits, including Taliban and its operations against India.

"The utilization of territory under Pakistan’s control to provide sanctuaries for recruiting and sustaining terrorist groups and to direct terrorist activity against neighbours must stop if our region is to attain its full potential for peaceful development," the Spokesperson said.

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