UK's George Osborne for new partnership with India

UK's George Osborne for new partnership with India

"This is the beginning of a new relationship," United Kingdom's Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne told reporters after kicking-off trading at the BSE here.

"It is a historic day as I am opening (the trading at) Asia's oldest bourse -- Bombay Stock Exchange," Osborne said.

"Britain once again wants to build a new relationship with India which could change the landscape of rural India. We are here to forge a new economic and cultural partnership. We are here to declare Britain open for business with you," Osborne said.

Osborne is in India along with Prime Minister David Cameron and a host of other ministers and senior businessmen.

"India is progressing in every aspect. We want to attract India's dynamic and innovative entrepreneurs to our kingdom," he said, adding that the "country has a huge opportunity for our financial and manufacturing companies."

The minister invited Indian bankers to list in the UK and set up branches. "We will provide licences to banks to start operations in the UK and will give more opportunity to be listed there," he said.

"British legal firms and business houses can help India finance its infrastructure needs and bring technology to help rural India," he said.