Expertise : From LA Ink.The art of tattooing

Discovery Travel and Living presents LA Ink at 10 pm on June 17.
While her boyfriend Orbi has been out on tour with his band, tattoo expert Kat’s been partying like a rock star. When he returns, she impulsively moves in with him hoping to tame her wild ways. Watch on as Kat makes a drunken mistake and is forced to deal with the consequences.

Stern :  A scene from the show. Dangerous encounters

Watch Na Aana Is Des Laado on June 17 at 10.30 pm on Colors. Sia comes to know that Ammaji has conspired against her, meanwhile the other women in the house discuss about how they can help her.

Sia impatiently awaits Raghav’s arrival and even tries to call him, but can’t get through to his phone.

When she gets a call from Vaidehi, Ammaji gets to know that Sia is trying to get in touch with her family. What will Ammaji do to Sia?

When will Raghav return? To find out, tune into the show.

Whirlwind tour

Capturing breathtaking wild hunts, brutal battles and most intense moments of the animal behaviour, The Hunt at 8 pm every night on Animal Planet, allows viewers to have a heart-pounding experience.

TV With Teeth to be aired on June 17, is an hour long programme that will make the viewers think twice on how possible is it to handle a few mosquito bites, the odd bee or wasp sting! Because there is a whole lot more out there waiting to give a nip or two that is completely unbelievable. Prepare to go on a whirlwind tour to meet some of the unfortunate people who strayed into the stingers lair! These nasty creatures don’t give a warning and often look completely harmless, but having felt their sting for once, they can never be taken for granted again. 

Brave : A still from Flags Of Our Fathers.A tragic tale

HBO presents Flags Of Our Fathers on June 17 at 9 pm. Film-making legends Steven Spielberg and Clint Eastwood team up for the first time to tell the unforgettable story of the gruelling World War II battle for the island of Iwo Jima — a turning point in the war of control over the Pacific.

The battle produced one of the war’s most enduring images — a photograph of six US soldiers raising an American flag on top of Mt Suribachi.

The movie is a tragic depiction of an epic struggle that would cost the lives of thousands of Japanese and American soldiers based on the best selling novel by James Bradley with Ron Powers.

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