Over 30,000 trapped in flooded northeastern Chinese city

More than 200 rescue workers were dispatched to the flooded Kouqian town in the Jilin province, where more than 30,000 people are trapped in flood waters.Telecommunications were down in Kouqian, where the Yongji County Government is located, state-run Xinhua news agency quoted officials as saying.

The train station of Kouqian was surrounded by floodwaters with more than 80 passengers and station workers trapped inside after the Xingshan Reservoir overflowed.
Rainstorms in the upper reaches of Wende River, a branch of Songhua River, had led to the flooding, as precipitation over the past 24 hours reached over 200 mm in some areas, said Zhu Qiwen, deputy chief of the Meteorological Bureau of Jilin Province.

Rainstorms had lashed 85 townships in Jilin, and saturated the cities of Tonghua and Changchun, the province's capital.Rain has wrecked havoc in many parts of China, with officials saying that 333 people were killed and over 300 were missing in heavy floods and landslides since July 14.

The overall death toll since early this year had crossed over 1000.Yesterday, four people were killed in Liaoning Province in a rain-triggered landslide in Dandong City.Nearly 10,000 others were relocated for safety reasons, said an official.
The rainstorms had destroyed 35 bridges and more than 10,000 mu (666 hectares) of crops in Dandong City over the past three days, Jia said.

The National Meteorological Center said heavy rains would continue to pound northern Liaoning, central Jilin and southern Heilongjiang Province, which borders Liaoning and Jilin, likely resulting in more floods and rain-triggered landslides.

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