Carla Bruni-Sarkozy films cameo for Woody Allen movie

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy films cameo for Woody Allen movie

It is the first acting assignment for the 42-year-old, who has been a supermodel and a singer-songwriter in the past.

Bruni, who is married to French president Nicholas Sarkozy, filmed her scenes in the comedy on a busy Parisian street near the Pantheon, People magazine reported online.
The Italian beauty looked stunning despite sporting a casual outfit of white blouse and jeans.

"Carla and Woody got along incredibly well on the set. They talked constantly and laughed quite a lot between takes. Owen as well," a source told the magazine.

Bruni shot for about five hours yesterday and had to do several takes of the same scene.
"They must have shot the same set up, where she walks along holding a baguette in her hand going into a supermarket around 32 times," the source added.

She shot some more scenes last night dressed in a brown tea dress as she was led through her shots by Allen.President Sarkozy accompanied his wife and arrived on set surrounded by a heavy security.

She is expected to shoot for one more day before joining her husband on a holiday.
Allen met with Bruni and Sarkozy last summer at the Elysees Palace to discuss the cameo.

Told mainly in flashbacks, the comedy is set in the 1920s jazz-age period and also stars Oscar winners Marion Cotillard and Adrian Brody. Bruni plays the director of a Paris museum with Cotillard starring as her subordinate.

Bruni said she decided to take up the role because it gave her a chance to work alongside the famous director."I go into everything blindly, or I'd never do anything at all. I am not an actress at all. Maybe I'll be completely hopeless, but I can't miss an opportunity like this one in my life. When I'm a grandmother, I'd like to be able to say I made a film with Woody Allen," Bruni told French TV Canal Plus in November.