On a different high

On a different high

Breaking barriers

On a different high

 Posing: Shibani Suvarna There have been moments when they have spent hours  before the mirror trying out different looks just to see which one suits them best. Others have been lucky enough to be picked up and introduced into the glam world.

New models confess that they come into the modelling industry with pre-conceived notions — that modelling gets bitchy after sometime, only the best survive and that you may have to make a lot of compromises to get to the top.

Others say that there’s plenty of encouragement and that models are not as dumb as they’re made out to be. They’re smart and know what they want.

Metrolife spoke to a few fresh faces at the Bangalore Fashion Week (BFW) to find out if the world of modelling is what they had expected it to be.  Twenty one-year-old Ashwini Kawale, doing her MBA, confesses that as a child she would spend hours before the mirror, trying out different looks. “I want to be a supermodel. I love every bit of the glamour, attention and it’s good money,” she says and adds, “it’s all got to do with attitude and the way you carry yourself.”

A trained pilot, Shibani Suvarna, completed her pilot training in Texas and while she’s waiting for the job market to look up, she thought she’d do some modelling, “it’s good money. But all is not rosy and sweet. It gets bitchy sometimes and not all senior models are helpful. The competition can get nasty and the pressure gets to you sometimes,” says Shibani.

Looking forward: Niharika Nag and Faith Pandey. She says, “it’s sad people think models are dumb. They’re just expected to look pretty and beautiful. While some just can’t think for themselves, others stand up for what they want and don’t compromise on anything whatsoever.” Shibani is all set to soar into the skies soon.

In their early 20s, Faith Pandey and Niharika Nag auditioned for Miss India and were chosen. “I am in a phase when I am ready to experiment and explore. Modelling was an option and it has clicked rather really well for me,” says Faith.

Niharika says modelling is addictive, “you get hooked onto the glamour. I see this as the beginning of bigger things to come,” she says. Talking about their experience, they say, “we’re still young, willing to learn and borrow the good from seniors models.”

Priyanka Diwan can’t contain her excitement. She thinks shows like BFW double up as a perfect launch pad for freshers, “modelling gives you a different high. And I am game for it,” she says.