'Pop is here to stay'

'Pop is here to stay'

Offers Galore

'Pop is here to stay'

Busy: Sophie Choudhary . DH Photo by Manjunath M S

She’s hosted TV shows, anchored reality shows and donned different hats as an actress on the big screen. But Sophie Choudhary has now found her feet in the success of her original album Sound of Sophie. She’s been busy travelling to promote and popularise her album.
She now says she would sign movies that are of consequence and some substance. “It’s not that sexy, glamourous women can’t be good tragedy queens. Actresses must be offered roles according to their capability. I want something challenging,” Sophie told Metrolife.

Sophie says she was determined not to do another remix album after Baby Love but wanted to do something of her own. Having hits like Mera Babu Chal, Ek Pardesi, and Jaadugar Saiyan to back her up, she thought she would finally take the bold step and plunge into production.

Sophie says the hard work, pleasure and returns she’s getting from her album are unmatched by anything she’s got this far. “I know what it’s like to compose, produce and mix an original album. Today, everyone is Bollywood obsessed. What we largely see in Bollywood today is pop music. Musicians are moving back in time. Pop is here to stay,” she says.

Her latest album has everything from hip hop to rock ballad to electro vibes and R&B.  Talking about remixes, Sophie says, “there’s nothing wrong in it. If you have an SRK or a Ranbir Kapoor dancing to a remix, it will sell. No harm in that.”

Reality shows today aren’t what they used to be years ago. “It’s unfortunate that these shows are all about using bad language and getting abusive. If it’s real talent people are promoting, then it’s fine but anything other than that is uncalled for,” she says.

Sophie has been getting a lot of offers for solo leads after Daddy Cool but somehow none of the roles have impressed her. She plays a psychiatrist in Alibaug, “it’s a very strong character. It’s worth the wait,” she quips and adds, “it’s all about a perfect marriage. There are lot of twists and turns in the film.”