Moods of metro

Moods of metro

Serial shooters

Film shoot is like piecing together a jigsaw puzzle. Each shoot covers a facet and together the different facets make up the final holistic product.

In its entirety, the final product or the ‘bioscope’ may have cast a spell over crores and crores of people. But taken separately, film shoots can be insipid and boring affairs.

Yet the magic of the big screen ensures that crowds throng film shoots.

Our lensman was witness to a filmshoot and sought to capture the mundane that make up those glorious moments on the big screen.

He was witness to an array of activities. Artistes, cameraman, musicians, sound engineers — all busy piecing the puzzle.

He caught a lady artiste donning the greasepaint. 

She assiduously attempted to ensure that each stroke of her make-up was in the right place. 

Another man was seen reading out, something that looked like a script, while other artistes listened with rapt attention. 

A cameraman was seen zooming in on a particular shot; it seemed like nothing could distract him. 

In yet another shot a man and a young boy, were seen making sure that theirs was the perfect scene. 

And a sound engineer made sure that he had caught the right notes.

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