Soulful homes with a green conscience

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Last Updated 29 July 2010, 10:18 IST
Soulful homes with a green conscience

Nature inspired home decorating has made a big comeback with the use of nature-based colours and recycled, sustainable materials. Naturally inspired decorating that takes its cue from nature means a commitment of using eco-friendly materials and not just rolling on a coat of willow green paint.

For home decorators wishing to move away from fussy, modern or formal interior design, it can be hard to figure out where to begin or which natural elements to build your décor design around. This type of interior design is not only eco-friendly but also makes a great impact on human minds. It acts as a relaxing zone.

Nature at home

Your body, your emotions, your thoughts — its all energy when your vibrations are low, you feel heavy and slow, emotionally you are unhappy or depressed and spiritually you are cut off from knowledge of your source. On the other hand, when your vibrations are high you feel light, agile, your emotions are joyful and hopeful and spiritually you feel connected to yourself and your source.

With high vibrations your immune system is strong and your body healthy. This helps you feel more creative. And to help you become a stress free person, a relaxed and inviting home is necessary. The positive vibrations coming form every piece of furniture, artifacts and design affect growth of your mind and body.

Nature provides us with an amazing array of solutions for the same. At times what may seem simple in nature can translate to better design solutions that are more efficient, sustainable and healthy.

We all feel relaxed and calm when we connect with nature, so why not bring it into our homes, for us to be connected with nature every single day and night. We are seeing a huge resurgence of natural materials in home décor.

Families are looking for furniture that combines easy care with an inviting natural charm. Materials such as wood, wicker copper, linen or cotton cherished for their natural beauty and earthy colours can be used to give any room sophisticated variations of tone and texture.

Check out home furnishings with rustic details such as the pits, knots and natural graining found in select hardwoods like cherry, teak or pine. These inherent, individual characteristics add uniqueness and natural characteristics with time and use.

Many natural materials like stone are easier than ever to incorporate into home décor. Not only is stone durable, it also takes on a beautiful patina with frequent use. The kind of materials you use in a room, can blend in elegance. Copper and wrought iron is a one such combination. Sunlight is one of the most  important elements for a natural setting.

To let it in use bamboo shades or a natural linen fabric to cover your windows or dress them with wooden shutters to easily control the amount of light filtered into the room.
Using decorative lamps at home is in vogue. Look for table lamps with ornate wooden beads, crystals or earth-toned bilk lampshades in greens or browns. A new trend is using lamps including wrought iron bases in tree-like shapes or beautiful natural stone pedestals.

On the other hand, candlelight brings a relaxing atmosphere to the home. Use this natural lighting as a centrepiece, surrounded with fresh moss, flowers or shells reminiscent of a special outdoor space. You can add a furnishing touch to your home by accessorising it the natural way.

Natural materials

Use rugs made of fisal — a fibrous, rope like material to add natural texture and act as a neutral backdrop for vases, trays and bowls made of wood, stone or marble atop occasional tables and fireplace mantels; fill a tray or bowls with shells, pebbles, vegetables, grains, live grass or any other natural material; arrange branches of birch or bamboo in a tall vase; tuck chunky, hand woven baskets or storage containers into corners or bookshelves; let natural light filter through hand-blown glass to give off a soft, watery glimmer; create fountains near doors to create a sense of tranquility. 

Organic design and natural decorating also incorporates fields, forests, sky and the ocean in the form of textures, materials, textiles and accessories.

Colours such as summer sky blue, cloudy white, sun yellow, lavender purple, willow green and rich earth tones are all elemental to natural interior design. For example,  the colours and shades in a blooming garden, the lushness and textures of a greasy meadow can all become a creative inspiration for new curtains in the family room, a new paint colour for the kitchen or redecorating an entire bedroom.

Small homes often seem to close in upon us and take peace and serenity out of our lives. Homes are meant to help us relax instantly and lessen stress in our lives. It is the place we love for its calming and soothing atmosphere, away from the chaos of the outside world.

Oriental and Asian décor often incorporates natural elements such as wood, different textures of stone and lot of indoor and outdoor plants in their decorating styles, which promotes a sense of harmony and serenity. Muted tones of yellows, greens, browns and all earthy colours can give a relaxed feel in any room and you may try painting trims, walls and ceilings in a single colour similar to the interior of a spa. Create a visual feast for eyes to evoke peace and calm in oneself. 

Also, exquisite moroccon lamps can brighten up your home décor and make you feel relaxed after a long day at work. Interior design is all about creating aesthetically pleasing spaces that are safe, practical and in harmony with their surroundings.

Many a time we overlook the fact that it is not just the right furniture and the right paint that give the room that perfect calm look that we need in our house. Harmony and congruence plays an important role too. Thus, for a healthy living, it is very necessary to have a balanced and relaxed environment at home.

(Published 29 July 2010, 10:14 IST)

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