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Last Updated 29 July 2010, 12:10 IST

A Papier Mache Mask.  Making this mask teaches you a whole new set of craft tricks.

You will need
A balloon
Measuring tape.
A bowl
Glue, paints and felts

First measure the circumference of your head! Then blow up the balloon to approximately the same size. Set the balloon aside and start work on the papier mache. Rip up the newspaper into little strips . Mix up one part glue to two parts of water and stir well in the bowl. Soak the newspaper in this mess and leave for a while. Now rub some oil or petroleum jelly over the balloon and start layering the sticky strips of newspaper onto one half of the balloon as shown. Leave it to dry before adding another layer. And then another. Here some patience is required. The drying process could take a while..

When the newspaper-covered side feels stiff and strong, prick the balloon. Because of the oil, you can peel it off the inside of the mask-face. If you hold this over your face, it will be a perfect fit! Trim the

edges of irregular pieces of paper sticking out. Get help from someone to mark out the position of your eyes when the mask is held over your face.
Now use a scissors to slit open the eye holes. You can use a thick paste of maida and water to model a nose onto this mask. Which you can stick with Fevicol. But your mask will look fine even with just a nose painted on.

Your scissors can also pierce holes on the sides of the mask to pass string or elastic for tying on the mask.

Your mask is now ready to take part in any play that you and your friends can come up with.

(Published 29 July 2010, 11:53 IST)

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