Pre-release jitters for Chiranjeevi

Pre-release jitters for Chiranjeevi

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Pre-release jitters for Chiranjeevi

The tension is expected because for him the film is a very important one. “Gandede is a big film for me. It is being made by Ramu Enterprises which has been making some big films. And Ramu is known to our family for so many years,” says Chiranjeevi, who is currently shooting in Mangalore.

When the film was first narrated to him by Akula Shiva, the Telugu film director, Chiranjeevi was a bit tense. “The Kannada audience is a lot different from that of a Telugu one, so I wondered if he would be able to make that connect,” he says and adds, “but when we started shooting, his approach towards the film was very unique. The result will speak for itself.”

One can also look forward to the comedy sequences between Rangayna Raghu and Chiranjeevi. Getting in touch with his humourous side was easy for Chiranjeevi and for this he credits Raghu. “Our chemistry is amazing. He was so supportive and with him around, the scene simply fell in place,” he says.

Another person with whom Chiranjeevi shared great on and off screen chemistry was Ragini Dwivedi, who plays the female lead. “We first met during the photoshoot of the film and we immediately hit it off. More than co-stars we were friends and shared a similar wave length. The brat that I am, I troubled everyone on the sets and she was one good sport to take it all in her stride,” he says.

If there is one thing that Chiranjeevi will remember all his life is the scene where he jumped from 80-ft tall building, without any ropes. Speaking about it he says, “I had to jump off a college building. And I chose to do the stunt myself but once I was on the top of the building I freaked out. But it was too late. The  college crowd was cheering for me and I had to maintain my hero image!” he jokes.

Megha Shenoy

Setting a new record

Dialogue writer turned director Ravi Srivatsa in his sequel to the underworld subject Deadly 2 has set a new record in screenplay of the film. There are 131 scenes in superfast narration pattern adapted by Ravi.

It is the first film in Sandalwood to contain 131 scenes, in which 79 scenes are in the first half itself. Speaking to Metrolife, producer Manjunath says despite the number of scenes, the film will be only two hours long.

“We have adapted a tricky screenplay making the story a fast paced and a crisp one,” he adds. Just out of the censor board, the film already has people talking as it is a sequel to the hit film Deadly Soma, which starred Aditya and Rakshita.

Though most of the actors are same, the leading lady has been changed.

 Meghana, who was earlier seen in Venkata in Sankata, is the heroine. Ask Manjunath if the film takes off from where Deadly Soma ended and he says, “For that people should come and watch the film. I can say that one can expect action, encounters and at the same time, a beautiful love story.”

The girl child 

Short film-maker, Naveen Dwarakanath was moved by the plight of a young girl, who was forced to drop out of school to earn for her family.

He wanted to do something to alleviate the the state of the girl child and women in general. And what better way to convey the message than through films. 

Naveen’s latest offering Maralida Belaku, a 30-minute short film for children,
focuses on the girl child.

It traces the efforts of a school teacher, deputed by the government in a village, into motivating children to return to school. People respond to his call and send
their kids to school. “This is a film for students, parents, especially the teachers. How a teacher helps the village get back its vision and how the youth are instrumental in transforming a village are the essence of the story,” Naveen told Metrolife.

The movie has added a song that highlights these issues. The problem of farmer suicide has also been woven into the story. “All in all it’s a powerful theme. We hope this movie would motivate people to start thinking positively,” adds Naveen. 

The story takes a turn when the village turns against him. Does he succeed in winning their confidence? Does he manage to make a change in the village? That we’ll have to wait and watch.

Screenplay and direction are by Naveen Dwarakanath; dialogues are by Shashikumar; Harish has pitched in with lyrics and music.

The actors for the movies have been drawn in from the surrounding villages.

Nina C George

When it rained.....

Rains can wreak havoc but the same rains can bring back fond memories as well. There have been movies made around the theme of rain. The concept of rain has been used in both song and dance sequences and in steamy scenes as well.

The story Mungaru Male began and ended with the rain. Matthe Mungaaru has nothing to do with Mungaru Male. The two stories aren’t even vaguely related but here the rain is central to the story. It traces the life of a boy who lived and grew up in a Theerthahalli, a tiny village for most of his life. Like any other ambitious young man, he boards a train to the City, in search of a job. He lands up in Mumbai joins the fishermen as a boat mechanic.

The role of the young man is played by Srinagara Kitty. He regularly goes to the seas. In the midst of all this he falls in love with a girl (played by Rachana Malhotra) who is instrumental is helping him settle down.

He goes out into the sea and he’s soon caught in a massive boat tragedy. The crew is lost and Srinagara Kitty returns after 21 years, “I have 18 different looks in the movie. I wear a clean shaven look as a young man and when I return after 21 years I have a beard, unkempt hair and I am all dirty. I also have to play out different emotions. It’s a powerful character. What seemed like impossible in the beginning has turned out to be a real hit,” Srinagara told Metrolife. 

He returns and desperately searches for his love and his family. Does he find love and will he succeed in tracing his family? That’s the crux of the story.

Talking more about the film its director Dwarki Raghav observes that the movie is no routine script. “It begins and ends with rain. For a change, the normal commercial masala hasn’t been included and what you’ll see is a totally new twist to Kannada cinema,” says Dwarki and adds, “we have also roped in a couple of theatre artists in the film.” The film will hit the theatres on August 6. 

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