Ambitions cut death risk in elderly

A new study by researchers at Rush University Medical Centre has shown that possessing a greater purpose in life is associated with lower mortality rates among older adults.
For the study, Patricia A Boyle and her colleagues from the Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Centre, examined 1,238 community-dwelling elderly participants from two ongoing research studies. None had dementia.
Data from baseline evaluations of purpose in life and up to five years of follow-up were used to test the hypothesis that greater purpose in life is associated with a reduced risk of mortality among community-dwelling older persons.
According to Boyle, purpose in life reflects the tendency to derive meaning from life’s experiences and be focused and intentional.
The association of purpose in life with mortality did not differ among men and women or whites and blacks, and the finding persisted even after controlling for depressive symptoms, disability, neuroticism, the number of medical conditions and income.

Stretching before workout of no use

The next time your gym instructor tells you to do some stretching exercises before starting the workout, pass on him this message: it’s a waste of time.
Going by the results of a new Australian study, which took in almost 2,400 people across the globe, the topic stretching muscles before a workout is debatable, reports News.com.au.
But Dr Rob Herbert says it has tilted the needle only slightly in favour of stretching.
“The effect is very small, and it’s so small there’s not a particularly compelling case for it being an important intervention,” Herbert said.

Fat is an essential part of human diet
Before you pledge to give up fatty food to shed those extra pounds, here’s an important piece of advice — fat is actually an important part of the human diet.
According to a panel of experts, fat is not only a source for energy in the body it also nourishes hair and skin in all living mammals.
Antioxidants such as vitamins A, C, and E are also beneficial tools in the fight against aging and other skin problems.
Studies have shown that lab animals deprived of essential fatty acid intake experienced dry, scaly skin; skin wrinkling; and hair loss.
However, high intake of essential fats can lead to other skin disorders such as acne and health problems such as obesity, Type 2 diabetes, and certain cancers.
Experts said most of the individuals are lacking in proper balanced intake of dietary fats, antioxidants, and other beneficial nutrients. Without dietary fat, the body cannot absorb certain nutrients such as vitamins A, D, E, and K.

Bird flu virus can survive for 2yrs

Bird flu virus can survive for up to two years in the carcasses of buried birds, according to a new study.
Dr Shannon Bartelt-Hunt, an environmental engineer at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, says that the findings of the study indicate that waste managers need to be particularly careful with how they dispose and manage landfills containing infected birds.
“There are a lot of birds at landfills. If you think of landfills as reservoirs, you could have birds as vectors. Other animals could be vectors. Landfill personnel could be potentially exposed,” said Dr Bartelt-Hunt.

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