Tintu, Mayookha share limelight

Last Updated 29 July 2010, 19:00 IST

On the newly-laid track at the remodelled venue, Tintu timed 2:01.24 to win the gold in the 800M, bettering her previous best of 2:01.61 clocked at the Open Nationals in Kochi in May. Heartening too was the performance of Sinimole Paulose, who came up with her season’s best of 2:04.58, showing signs that she was finding her way out of a rut she had fallen in in recent times.

Tintu will be competing in an international meeting in Crystal Palace on August 15 (immediately following the Diamond League there) and also in the Diamond League in Brussels on August 27. “We plan to leave on August 10 and after the meet, will stay and train in London till the Brussels meet,” said Tintu’s coach P T Usha.

Mayookha leapt to 6.64 metres to win the long jump gold medal, improving her previous best of 6.49M, which came at the Asian Grand Prix meet at Bangalore in June.

Mayookha started slowly with a 6.29M effort before fouling her second-round jump. After a 6.43M leap, she uncorked her best in the fourth round before passing her final two attempts.

“I am happy with the effort but rain did bother me,” said Mayookha, who will be taking part in the triple jump as well, on Friday. Mayookha’s 6.64 puts her in third place among Indian performers, behind Anju George (6.83) and J J Shobha (6.66). Yuliya Tarasova of Uzbekistan won the silver at 6.49M while M A Prajusha claimed the bronze with a leap of 6.30M.

Results: Men: 400M: Sajjad Hashemiahhangari (Iri) 46.77 seconds, 1; Reza Bouazar (Iri) 46.88, 2; Kunhi Mohammed (Ind) 47.12, 3.

800M: Sajeesh Joseph (Ind) 1:48.92, 1; Ram Ghamanda (Ind) 1:50.25, 2; Haris Abdul (Ina) 1:50.78, 3.

Long jump: Ankit Sharma (Ind) 7.61 metres, 1;  Maha Singh (Ind) 7.50, 2;  Harikrishnan (Ind) 7.50, 3. High jump: W P Manjula Kumara (Sri) 2.21 metres, 1; Vitaliy Tsykunov (Kaz) 2.18, 2; Hari Shankar Roy (Ind) 2.15, 3. Discus throw: Vikas Gowda (Ind) 54.39, 1;  Arjun Singh (Del) 47.54, 2; Arpinder Singh (Del) 47.22, 3. Javelin throw: Rinat Tarzumanov (Uzb) 77.48, 1;  Kashinath Naik (Ind) 74.21, 2; Samarjeet Singh (Ind)  72.49, 3.

Women: 400M: Mandeep Kaur (Ind) 52.29 seconds, 1; Julia Gavrilova (Kaz) 52.93, 2; Juana Murmu (Ind) 53.17, 3. 800M: Tintu Luka (Ind) 2:01.24, 1; Sinimol Paulose (Ind) 2:04.58, 2; Ayako Jinnouchi (Jpn) 2:05.51, 3. 5000M: Thiyaningsih (Ina) 16:24.12, 1; Sitora K (Uzb) 16:51.08, 2; Ekaterina T (Uzb) 17:37.25, 3. 100M hurdles: Anastassiya Soprunova (Kaz) 13.66, 1; Gayathri Govindharaj (Ind) 13.82, 2; Anastasiya Proshkina (Uzb) 13.84, 3.

Long jump: Mayookha Johny (Ind) 6.64 metres, 1;  Yuliya T (Uzb) 6.49, 2; M A Prajusha (Ind)  6.30, 3. Shot put: Yanbo Yang (Chn) 16.65, 1; Safiya B (Uzb) 16.06, 2; Jing Liu (Chn) 15.14, 3.

(Published 29 July 2010, 17:07 IST)

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