Walking for others' health

Health, like ‘papa’ or ‘punya’, CL or PL is not transferable. You enjoy (or suffer) your fate.
So when you walk you are totally selfish because it is your health that improves, not even that of your spouse. And walking is the most inexpensive health habit that one can develop. All that one needs is a road, even if it is a muddy one or an open field. You don’t need to spend on a gym membership. That’s why doctors suggest walking as the no-cost health habit for all.

But sometimes one walks for other’s health. Take the Bellary walkathon for instance. It is totally unselfish. Our netas, old and young, healthy or otherwise, powerful or not, are footing it out not for their health but for the health of our state. As they have made it clear, the walk is to help preserve the state of environment and save the mines. Though one is not sure if their health improves after reaching Bellary, one hopes at least the health of Karnataka improves. That’s why this walkathon could be hailed as the most unselfish walk in recent times. True, Chandra Sekhar walked from Kanyakumari to Rajghat in the ’80s, and I was with him for a couple of kilometres as a newsman, but he was out to prove his grit and determination and not to improve the health of the nation.
But the road brigade now is out to improve the ‘swasthya’ of the state. If their opponents see red it is because they are not as unselfish as the walkers. Otherwise, they too could have joined the walk and with the general improvement of the health of our netas, they could have ruled the state with less tension. But alas! It was not be.

By the way, this padayatra is not inexpensive. Considering the backup and the makeup kit that are following the unselfish walkers it will cost a fortune to keep them fit and afloat. A team of doctors, three ambulances, personal attendants, physiotherapists, masseurs, a state of the art van for relaxing purposes, et al are following to keep the men and women on their way to Bellary — which unfortunately is a distant destination, in more than one sense. Walking for one’s own health may be inexpensive but if one walks for another’s health the cost is high.

 And considering the ill-health of the state, I thought the walk would be sombre reflecting the concern. But the TV grabs show a mela like mood en route. Looks as if the health has already improved! But at the end of the 300 plus km footwork, if the state’s health improves it will only be incidental!

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