Parents blame doctor for child's death

Police said Srinivas, an autorickshaw driver and a resident of Jai Maruthinagar had brought his two-year-six-month old son Venkateshwar to the nursing home around 10.45 pm. The boy was suffering from high fever and other symptoms similar to dengue. Dr Prasad suggested to Srinivas to take him to another hospital as the boy needed to be shifted to an intensive care unit immediately. He expressed helplessness in treating the child as his nursing home did not have the ICU facility. Srinivas took the boy to another hospital, but the boy died on way, police added.

A few people, who heard about the boy’s death decided that Dr Prasad’s failure to provide treatment claimed the boy’s life. They picked a quarrel with Dr Prasad and pelted stones at the nursing home. The police rushed to the spot and  pacified the protesters and brought situation under control.

“The question of negligence on part of Dr Prasad does not arise when he has not treated the boy. Besides, he clearly expressed his helplessness in treating the boy and referred him to another hospital,” said police inspector Chandru.
However, the police booked a case of negligence after Srinivas lodged a complaint.
Dr Prasad explained that the child was brought to the hospital in a prolonged dehydrated state and required immediate fluid oxygen.  "Since we did not have an ICU in our hospital and since the child required immediate ICU medical attention, we referred the patient to a hospital which had ICU facility," he said.  The child was already suffering from fever and had vomited many times. Only post mortem investigation can establish the cause for death, the doctor added.

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