AbiWord is a free word processing program similar to Microsoft® Word. It is suitable for a wide variety of word processing tasks. AbiWord is unique among word processors in its drive to become a fully cross-platform word processor. AbiWord can run on virtually any operating system with a minimum of time spent on porting. AbiWord is able to read and write all industry standard document types, such as OpenOffice.org documents, Microsoft Word documents, WordPerfect documents, Rich Text Format documents, HTML web pages and many more. The several Advanced Document Layout options can enhance the way your document looks - you can use tables, bullets, lists, images, footnotes, endnotes and styles for a professional, scientific or fun-to-read look. The 7.57 MB AbiWord, stable release v2.6.8, can be downloaded at http://www.abisource.com/download/index.phtml. An FAQ on AbiWord can be browsed at http://www.abisource.com/wiki/FAQ


Safari is a web browser developed by Apple Inc. The current stable release of the browser is for both Macintosh and Windows. It has got tons of features, and among them are: easy import of bookmarks;  brings up web pages at great speed; Private Browsing option:  a) can stop recording the sites visited and the software or docs downloaded, and b) can stop storing your Google searches, cookies, and the data in online forms to help you shop online or check your bank account securely; displays up to 24 thumbnails of your most frequently-visited pages on startup; prevents cookies tracking -blocks them by default and automatically erase cookie trails and accept cookies only from current domain; built-in pop-up blocking; and much more. Safari v4.0 for iPhone, iPod touch, Mac and PC running Windows XP or Windows Vista can be downloaded at http://www.apple.com/safari/download.


Linux users, imagine this scenario - you need to re-download all your applications and restore all the settings, and added to this hassle you have forgotten the packages downloaded, and the internet isn't working!  Get AptOnCD and back up all your packages into a Cd/DVD to reinstall /restore later. Backing up:  Press create button to let APTonCD scan your system for all the package that you have downloaded/installed previously. After the scanning is complete select the package that you want to backup, start the backup process, prompt to burn into a CD/DVD. Click Cancel if you only want to store it as an ISO file. Restore: Your computer will scan the disc and prompt up a window to ask if you wish to restore the package. Click Yes, that’s all to it. AptOnCD can be downloaded at  http://aptoncd.sourceforge.net/download.html


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