Truly comatose

At the end of the two-hour plus drama, the doctor recommends mercy killing for the comatose hero. You wish the same had come two hours early. For such is the torture debutant director Shekar Sharavanan foists on unsuspecting audiences through this love lore.

Totally devoid of sense and even a smattering of cinematic acumen, Sharavanan’s “Nee Bandhu Ninthaga”, deriving its title from a song in the Dr Rajkumar classic “Kasturi Nivasa”, moves more like a rudderless boat before sinking in the morass of its own making.
Saurav, who has produced the film as his return vehicle, does no credit to the lead role of a pop-singer driven to his doom. The actor still has several summers to go before he can emote with facility and win over audiences.  In “Nee Bandhu Ninthaga”, he comes across as a zombie awakened from deep slumber. Jothikasri’s roles are of the twin sisters, Megha and Sneha. She is more of a seductive nymph in skimpy dresses and dances in the movie rather than a seasoned actress.

Shravanan must really be naive if he thought he had a winner on his hand with a trite tale of mistaken identities and a hero take on a royal ride. By the time “Nee Bandhu” ended, the sparse audience in the theatre was in deep snooze. The wise among them had already scooted, unable to bear the boredom. Keep away.

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